Agreement between Pakistan & Uzbekistan on Cooperation in Transport and Transit of Goods

Status: In force

The Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan, hereinafter referred to individually as a “Party” and collectively as the “Parties”,

Desirous to facilitate realization of the cargo transportation between the two countries as well as transit through the third country,

                Guided by the provisions of the Convention on Transit Trade of Land-locked States dated 8 July 1965, have agreed as follows:

Article 1

1.1          The Parties shall endeavor to grant carriers of their countries the free traffic in transit on land transport communication in accordance with their national laws and regulations. No distinction shall be made based on the ownership of the means of transport.

Article 2

2.1          The transportation of goods and vehicles of the countries of the Parties through the territories of their countries shall be deemed as “Traffic in Transit”.

2.2          For the Traffic in Transit, the Parties shall consider the establishment of joint transport companies in the public as well as private sectors.

Article 3

3.1          The cargo transportation shall be undertaken by vehicles registered in the countries of the Parties. The system of international road transit permit shall be mutually agreed upon and implemented for the vehicles for Traffic in Transit.

3.2          The procedures, regulations arid implementation for handling the Traffic in Transit shall be agreed upon by the Parties.

Article 4

4.1          The Parties agreed to identify the list of entry/exit points and land routes for Traffic in Transit and it will be attached as Annex which forms an integral part of this Agreement.

4.2          Any amendments of the Traffic in Transit on the territories are subject of notification by the Parties through diplomatic channels.

Article 5

5.1          The Parties shall undertake necessary measures on and for safety of crews, vehicles, containers, including cargoes in their transportation along roads and railways of the State of the Parties.

Article 6

6.1          The goods transported by countries of the Parties shall be exempted from income taxes imposed on transport activities and customs duties in transit state.

6.2          At the same time, in accordance with the national legislation of the Parties may charge fees for transit vehicles, including entry fees, as well as charges for customs clearance and customs escort of transit goods.

6.3          In order to facilitate movement of goods in transit, the Parties shall take measures for unification of shipping documents (consignment note).

Article 7

7.1          The Parties shall take necessary measures to meet, subject to availability, the requirement of railway wagons, road vehicles and merchant ships.

Article 8

8.1          Transportation, as well as the transit of weapons, ammunition and military equipment, hazardous and special cargo along transport communications on the territories of the State of the Parties shall be carried out in accordance with the national legislation of the Parties.

8.2          The Parties shall make available to each other the lists of goods, which are forbidden for import, export and transit through the countries in accordance with the national legislation of the Parties.

Article 9

9.1          The implementation of this Agreement shall be realized within the framework of Inter Governmental Uzbek-Pakistan Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation.

9.2          The Parties may create interdepartmental sub-commissions    and    groups    of representatives of the respective bodies the framework of appointed commission.

 9.3         The Parties shall ensure the exchange, on a regular basis, of their experts in the field of transportation in view efficiency of mutually advantageous cooperation.

Article 10

10.1        The Parties have the right to apply, fully or partially, all prohibitions and restrictions under their national laws for Traffic and Transit, which are not only those based on considerations of public security, public hygiene, public morals or health or veterinary or psychopathological consideration, trade marks and copy rights but also those imposed on economic or any other grounds.

10.2        The Parties shall, to the extent possible, notify each other through diplomatic channels on prohibitions and restrictions based on paragraph 10.3 of this Agreement no later than 72 hours from the time a decision is taken.

Article 11

11.1        For the purposes of the effective implementation of this Agreement, the Parties designate the following bodies:

For the Islamic Republic of Pakistani - “the Ministry of Communications”.

For the Republic oh Uzbekistan - “the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade”;

Article 12

12.1        The rights and obligations of the Parties under international Treaties, to which they are Parties, shall not be affected by this Agreement.

Article 13

13.1        The matters which have not been regulated by this Agreement, shall be settled in accordance with the national legislation of the Parties.

13.2        The Parties notify shall regularly inform each other, about changes in their national legislation related to customs, trade and transportation.

Article 14

14.1        All disputes that arise in respect of the interpretation and application of this Agreement shall be mutually resolved by the Parties through consultations and negotiations.

Article 15

15.1        By mutual consent of the Party this Agreement may be amended or modified at any time through protocols, forming an integral part of this Agreement. The protocols shall enter into force in accordance with the provisions of Article 16 of this Agreement.

Article 16

16.1        This Agreement is subject to ratification. It shall enter into force on the date of the exchange of Instruments of Ratification.

16.2        This Agreement shall remain valid for a period of five years and shall automatically be renewed for further periods of five years, unless terminated. Either Party may terminate this Agreement at any time by giving a notice of six months to the other Party of its intention to terminate this Agreement. The provisions of this Agreement shall continue to apply to all contracts and projects undertaken during the validity of this Agreement.

DONE in duplicate, at Tashkent, on 14th day of March 2007, each in Uzbek and English languages, both texts being equally authentic.


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