Agreement Minutes of Pakistan, China, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyz Republic Agreement 13-14 April 2004

Status: In force

1.            The working level meeting concerning the Quadrilateral Agreement on Traffic-in-Transit among the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of Kazakhstan the Kyrgyz Republic, and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, was held in Urumuqi on 13-14 April, 2004. The following issues were discussed at the meeting.

2.            Permits for Transit Traffic;

3.            Unification of the standards of Vehicles’ dimension and weight;

4.            Transit fees and toll charges;

5.            The commencement of Traffic-in-Transit

6.            After intensive deliberations, the following consensus was reached in a cordial and friendly atmosphere.

7.            Permits for Transit Traffic.

8.            It was agreed that Pakistan shall print the permits, and the international consignment notes shall be printed by every contracting country respectively. The other three contracting countries shall hand over their official stamp samples to Pakistan, and the permits shall be over printed with stamps on them together and delivered through diplomatic channels to the contracting countries by Pakistan. The total number of the permits for transit traffic for the year 2004 shall be 800 i.e. 200 for each country. Pakistan shall deliver the permits for year 2004 to the other member countries not later than 30th April, 2004, and those permits shall be officially used from the date of 15th May. The 200 permits printed and distributed by Pakistan in October 2003 were given back to Pakistan by the other three contracting countries during this meeting and were announced invalid.

9.            Unification of the Standards of Vehicle’s Dimension and Weight.

10.          It was agreed that the length of the vehicles engaged in traffic-in-transit shall not exceed 20 meters, wideness shall not exceed 2.55 meters, height shall not exceed 4 meters, and the gross weight shall not exceed 38 tons. For unseperatable big cargo special permits shall be applied.

11.          Transit Fees and Toll charges.

12.          In order to reduce the fees and charges and to enhance the development of Quadrilateral tariff-in-transit based upon the meeting held in Islamabad in August 2003, it was agreed that road maintenance fee and transit fee shall be exempted; toll road (bridges or tunnels) charges shall be collected in accordance with the domestic related laws and regulations, and national treatment shall be given to the transit vehicles.

13.          The commencement of Traffic-in-Transit.

14.          It was agreed that the Traffic-in-Transit shall commence on 15th May, 2004 in accordance with the principles and spirits of the signed Agreement and this Agreed Minutes. The issue of amendments and supplements of the agreement shall be settled with future consultation.

15.          Done in quadruplicate in English language in Urumuqi, China on 14th April, 2004.

16.          For the Ministry of Communications, People’s Republic of China Mr. Li Yanwu

17.          For the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Republic of Kazakhstan Mr. R. Jenalinov

18.          For the Ministry of Transport and Communications Kyrgyz Republic Mr. J. Sadabaev

19.          For the Ministry of Communications Islamic Republic of Pakistan Mr. Atiq Ahmad


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