Expert Level Meeting on Traffic-in-Transit under Quadrilateral

Status: In force

1.            An expert level meeting to discuss various issues concerning Traffic in Transit being operated under Quadrilateral Agreement signed among the People’s Republic of China, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic and Islamic Republic of Pakistan, was held from May 17-18, 2006 at Islamabad. The delegates from all the signatory countries participated in the meeting. The list of participants is attached as Annex-I.

2.            The meeting was held in a cordial and friendly atmosphere. The problems confronted by the operators of the contracting parties were deliberated threadbare and resolved through consensus as mentioned below:

3.            Opening Remarks:

4.            In his opening statement, the Leader of Pakistan delegation (Mr. Firdaus Alam, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Communications) welcomed the delegates of all the contracting parties and expressed his gratitude for participating in the meeting. He highlighted the importance of Quadrilateral Agreement and stated that the prime objective of the meeting was to resolve all the issues through mutual consultations so that trade and cooperation in Traffic in Transit could be promoted among signatory countries particularly to provide to landlocked states of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, an access to sea ports of Pakistan.

5.            Election of Chairman:

6.            The Leader of Pakistan delegation, Mr. Firdaus Alam, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Communications was unanimously elected as Chairman of the meeting.

7.            Adoption of Agenda:

8.            The meeting adopted the proposed agenda, which is attached as Annex-II. The item wise discussions/decisions made in the meeting are as follows:

9.            Quota of Permits for the year 2006 and 2007:

10.          It was agreed that not more than 200 permits would be allocated to each member country as was practiced in the past two years. However, the quota of permits would be increased gradually with the increase in traffic in transit.

11.          According to the provisions of the Agreement, the delegates from China made an offer to print the permits for the years 2006 and 2007 respectively which was appreciated and agreed to by all the contracting parties.

12.          It was agreed that 100 permits for the remaining half of the year 2006 would be printed and made effective by July 1, 2006 and 200 permits for the year 2007 would be printed by November 30, 2006. For this purpose sample of stamps of all the contracting parties would be made available by the signatory countries to Chinese side by 10th June, 2006.

13.          It was agreed that permits after printing would be distributed among contracting parties through diplomatic channels before the dates mentioned in para 3.1.3.

14.          The Chinese side proposed to change the identification marking of the Chinese nationality from CMT to CHN in the permit form, which was agreed to by all the contracting parties.

15.          It was agreed that Para 2 of Article 5 of Regulations of Implementation would be amended accordingly.

16.          Validity of Permits:

17.          The meeting reaffirmed to abide by the procedure laid down in the Paragraph 04 of the Protocol to the Quadrilateral Agreement for printing the permits by the month of November of each year as well as in the unified permit form.

18.          It was further agreed that the permits will be valid for a calendar year but their validity can be extended for not more than one month of subsequent year if required.

19.          Awareness about Quadrilateral Agreement:

20.          All the sides agreed that there was a need of effective awareness campaign to provide information regarding Quadrilateral Agreement and its provisions to all the concerned authorities of the contracting parties.

21.          It was agreed that information containing required details about custom and quarantine rules, visa requirement for vehicle crew, unified form of permit, designated routes of the contracting parties, traveling documents (i.e. cargo manifest) etc. would be provided in the English language by China, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan according to outline/questionnaire to be circulated by Pakistan.

22.          Pakistan would prepare the final version of the brochure and forward it to all the three contracting parties through diplomatic channels who would translate it into their respective national languages for distribution among stakeholders at the time of issuance of permits.

23.          Quarantine Rules/Customs Rules and their availability (in English Language)

24.          Regarding quarantine certificate taken by Pakistan trucks, the Chinese side proposed that it should be complete in all respects clearly stating the contents of cargo carried by trucks and that sanitary and phytosanitary requirements have been fulfilled.

25.          Chinese side agreed to provide the quarantine/custom rules in English to all the contracting parties.

26.          Issuance of Permit for Round Trip:

27.          As regards the issuance of permit for round trip, China endorsed that there was no problem of interpretation in the formulation indicated in Chinese version of Protocol signed in 24th November, 1998. The Chinese authorities allowed to carry return load on the same permit issued by any contracting party.

28.          The Kazakhstan side proposed that as an interim arrangement transporter of one contracting party would be allowed to carry load on return trip after issuance of new permit by Kazakhstan on payment as per their national laws/regulations.

29.          However, it was agreed to consider amending the Para 7 of the Protocol (1998) to the Quadrilateral. Agreement by replacing the word “to and fro” with the word “round trip allowing operators to carry return load.”

30.          Any other Item:

31.          It was agreed that Pakistan would send through diplomatic channel the proposal for setting up a joint freight forwarders council to promote and encourage trade among member states through effective utilization of Karakorum Highway (KKH), to all the contracting parties for their consideration/views.

32.          All the sides agreed in principle to the proposal of Pakistan to consider the commencement of passenger transport service among the contracting parties. However, it was further agreed that details and modalities required for the start of passenger bus service among the contracting parties would be considered under a separate agreement/protocol.

33.          It was agreed to hold the next session of Expert Level Meeting in Kazakhstan. The date and venue would be decided through diplomatic channels.


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