Protocol on Agreement between Pakistan & China Concerning International Road Transport

Status: In force

With respect to the application of the Agreement between the Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Government of the People's Republic of China concerning international road transport, signed in Beijing as understanding has been reached as follows:-

1.            In terms of the said Agreement the competent bodies should be understood as follows:

(a)          On the Pakistan side:

in all related Articles of the said Agreement - Ministry of Communications

(b)          on the Chinese side:

in Articles 2, 3, 5 and 20 - the Ministry of Communications of the People's of Republic of China (PRC) and the departments (bureaus) of communications of the authorized provinces, cities or autonomous regions.

in Articles 7 and 11 - the Ministry of Communications of the PRC, the Ministry of Public Security of the PRC and the departments (bureaus) of communications or public security of the authorized provinces, cities or autonomous regions.

2.            In terms of the said Agreement the following meanings should be understood:

2.1.         The term "road transport vehicle":

in transporting goods means goods vehicle, a goods vehicle with or without trailer, and a road towing vehicle:

in transporting passengers means a coach, i.e. a road transport vehicle designed for carrying passengers and having no fewer than 4 seats not including the driver's seat, and with or without trailer for carrying baggage.

2.2.         The term "regular transportation" means transportation carried out by vehicles of the Contracting Parties according to a previously agreed schedule.

2.3.         The term "non-regular transportation" means all other transportation.

2.4          The term "authorized organization" means the administrative bodies or transport companies authorized by the competent bodies of the Contracting Parties (public or private).

3.            The permits of the Agreement do not exempt carriers and owners of goods from customs duties, taxes and formalities to obtain customs authorizations that are necessary in accordance with the internal legislation and import & export tariff of each country for goods.

4.            In respect of paragraph (2) of Article 8 of the Agreement trailers and semi-trailers may have registration plates and distinguishing marks of other countries provided that the goods vehicles or road towing vehicles have the registration plate and distinguishing mark of Pakistan and China.

5.            The provision in paragraph (1a) of Article 15 of the Agreement covers only fuel contained in tanks fitted by the factory of make only on motor vehicles and road towing vehicles, and also fuel contained in tanks fitted on trailers and semi-trailers and designed to fuel the cooling systems of refrigerators.

6.            In Article 17 and 18 of the Agreement the term "quarantine" should be understood to mean health, veterinary and also physiological inspection.

This Protocol is an integral part of the Agreement, signed at Beijing on December 28 in the year 1993   in duplicate in English and Chinese and the two texts being of equal validity.


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