Protocol Regarding Operation of Bus Service Between Peshawar and jalalbad in Terms of Agreement

Status: In force

Whereas the Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan have entered into an Agreement for commencement of Bus Service between Peshawar and Jalalabad dated 23rd March 2005. This Protocol of the Bus Service is agreed upon:

Approved Bus Operators

1.            The Governments of the Islami Republic of Pakistan and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan shall convey to each other the name of approved bus operators through normal channels.

Days of Operation

2.            Bus service from both sides may start from origin (i.e. Peshawar-Jalalabad or Jalalabad- Peshawar) at mutually agreed sequence of services per day.

3.            Route and Halts for Peshawar-Jalalabad/Jalalabad-Peshawar

4.            Starting point from Peshawar

5.            Halt in Afghanistan: Jalalabad

6.            Starting point from Jalalabad

7.            Halt in Pakistan: Peshawar

8.            The passengers en route will not be allowed to disembark.

9.            Unscheduled Halt/Break-down of the Transport Vehicle

10.          In the event of unscheduled halts on account of unforeseen circumstances and break down of the Transport Vehicle, the Political Agent/ DCO/ District Transport Authority will be immediately informed by the Bus Crew on telephone for transit arrangement of Passengers and Bus Crew keeping in view security as well as passenger requirements.

11.          In the event of break down of the Transport Vehicle, alternate arrangements will be made by the holder of the Permit of the country where the break down has taken place but in such a case the Passengers will be brought up to the border point only. From the border point to the destination, the concerned country will make necessary arrangements.

Medical Facilities

12.          Every Transport Vehicle shall carry a well-equipped first-aid box. In order to meet serious medical eventualities that cannot be managed on board, the Government of Pakistan/the Provincial Government of NWFP in Peshawar and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Jalalabad shall make available the requisite medical facilities, which fall nearest along the route and are duly pre-identified.


13.          The Transport Vehicle to be operated shall be insured with the notified Insurance Company of Pakistan or Afghanistan, as the case may be, against passenger and comprehensive loss to be valid for both countries, in accordance with paragraph-4 of Article VI of the Agreement.

Issuance of Permits

14.          The Permits to Transport Vehicle operator(s) will be issued by the Competent Authority of the respective Governments.

Travel Documents for Bus Crew

15.          The Bus Crew shall travel on the basis of valid passports and multiple entry visas.

16.          The Bus Crew shall be exempted from the requirement of reporting to the Police on arrival and departure.

Passenger Manifest

17.          Each Transport Vehicle will carry an authenticated Passenger Manifest provided by the holder of the Permit.

18.          Copies of the Passenger Manifest will be handed over to the immigration and custom authorities at the borders of the two countries.

Fare and Ticketing

19.          The regular fares for one way and round trip from Peshawar-Jalalabad/Jalalabad-Peshawar will be fixed by mutual consultations.

20.          The following special fares will apply to Children upto 2 years - Free (no entitlement of seat) 2 years and above but - 50% of the actual fare below 10 years with entitlement of seats.

21.          Above 10 years - Full fare.

22.          Baggage will be free of charges.

23.          Permission to enter the respective country and Tickets will be issued only to those having valid travel documents. Ticketing/Reservation may be done by the holder of the Permit.


24.          Baggage will be restricted to one suitcase and one handbag per ticketed Passenger. However, in case of baby passenger not requiring ticket, the baby shall be entitled to handbag/basket.

25.          The dimension/weight of suitcase will be decided by mutual consultation.

Tax and Fees

26.          The Bus Service will be exempted from all taxes.

Security Personnel

27.          For the journey between Peshawar-Torkham/Torkham-Peshawar two Pakistani authorized security personnel will remain on board throughout the journey. For the journey between Jalalabad--Torkham/Torkham-Jalalabad two authorized Afghan security personnel will remain on board throughout the journey.

Bus Crew Stay

28.          The arrangements in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for over-night halt for Pakistani crew will be made by the Afghanistan side (ATC) in consultation with police/security agencies in a suitable hotel for which expenses will be borne by the holder of the Permit. Reciprocal arrangements for the Afghan Bus Crew may be made by the Pakistani authorities for which expenditure will be borne by the holder of the Permit.

Done on this 23rd Day of March 2005 at Islamabad in two originals each in English and Dari languages, both the texts being equally authentic. In case of any discrepancy in the text or difference in interpretation, the English text shall prevail.






(Strike out whichever is not applicable)

Government of Pakistan/Afghanistan

1.            Permit to ply transport vehicles between Peshawar (Pakistan) and Jalalabad (Afghanistan).

2.            Name, address and nationality of the operator of motor vehicle.

3.            Registration number of the vehicle.

4.            Nature of transport operations point to point (Peshawar-Jalalabad/Jalalabad-Peshawar).

5.            Capacity of the vehicle:

6.            Seating capacity

Laden Weight

7.            Particulars of insurance policy.

8.            Particulars of Certificate of fitness.

9.            The starting and terminal points in each country.

10.          The route or routes to be followed by the scheduled passenger service vehicle.

11.          This permit is valid from to and is not transferable.

12.          This permit is hereby renewed upto the day of.

Note:       Registration papers and other documents such as insurance certificate, fitness certificate etc. shall be carried on the vehicle(s) and made available for the inspection on demand by the competent authority or any officer duly authorized by the authority of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.


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