Summary of the Experts Level Meeting on issues of the Quadrilateral

Status: In force

1.            In order to expedite the implementation of Quadrilateral Agreement on Traffic-in-Transit 1995, delegations from signatory countries, i.e. the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Kyrgyz Republic, held an experts level meeting in Islamabad, Pakistan, on 04-05-August, 2003, to discuss and evolve consensus on long outstanding issues of Transit fee and number of Permits (to be availed by the member countries in one Calendar Year).

2.            The experts from the four countries participated in the meeting. After intensive deliberations, following consensus were arrived at in a cordial and friendly atmosphere.

3.            It was agreed that 200 permits for transit traffic shall be allocated to each member country initially for a period of 15 months (i.e. from 1st October, 2003 to 31st December 2004). The transit traffic shall commence from 1st October 2003. After three months, the situation with respect to the number of permits per year shall be reviewed in a meeting among the member countries and necessary adjustments as per requirement shall be finalized. Subsequent meetings shall be held as per Agreement signed on 9th March, 1995.

4.            After consultations, it was agreed between the member states that transit fee and toll charges both collected by the Government of respective countries shall be exempted. However, since it is in contravention to Article V & VI of the main Agreement dated 9th March, 1995, it was decided to get the approval of Ministers for its implementation through a separate Protocol. For other facilities/charged services enroute, there shall be no discrimination is compared to domestic traffic

5.            It was agreed that Pakistan being the host country and depository of the Agreement would print and dispatch the permits. Thereafter, the printing shall be carried out by each country as specified in Article 3 & 4 of the Protocol signed on 24th November, 1998.

6.            The ceremony for the implementation of the Quadrilateral Agreement for Traffic-in-Transit between the four countries would be held in Almaty in October, 2003.

7.            Done in quadruplicate in the English language in Islamabad. Pakistan on 5th August, 2003.

8.            For the Ministry of Communications, People’s Republic of China Mr. Wang Yingjia

9.            For the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Republic of Kazakhstan Mr. Rustan Jenalinov

10.          For the Ministry of Transport and Communications Kyrgyz Republic Mr. Aibek Omokeyev (Consul in Karachi)

11.          For the Ministry of Communications Islamic Republic of Pakistan Mr. Hassan Mahmood


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